• Bands must be comprised of students from the entering school, represented and sponsored by the school band director.

  • All students must be “eligible” to perform in accordance with state U.I.L. rules.

  • The director may only conduct, but not play in the band.

  • An ensemble may enter for criticism only, thereby relinquishing all rights to receive group awards.

  • *A student may perform in more than one ensemble without prior consent from the festival director.



  • Classification will be based upon Texas U.I.L. enrollment criteria. All bands must perform/compete with other schools of the same class.

  • Friday, March 20:

    • Middle School

    • 3A, 4A I & 4A II

    • Community College & Junior College Jazz Bands (non-competitive), 5A/6A (comments & feedback only)

  • Saturday, March 21:

    • 5A I & 5A II

    • 6A I & 6A II

    • Community College & Junior College Jazz Bands (non-competitive)

  • Should a band be unable to compete on the date set for their classification, they may request to perform for comments and feedback only on the opposite day.

  • The festival will attempt to honor all scheduling requests, with the final decision resting upon the discretion of the festival directors.

  • Second [and third] groups will compete one class lower than their school’s classification. Should three or more second bands enter from the same classification, a new and separate classification will be formed.


Time Limits

  • Each band will be allotted 20 minutes of warm up time, 10 minutes to move to the competition area, 25 minutes TOTAL “on-stage” competition time.

  • The “on-stage” time includes setup, performance, and complete removal of all equipment.

  • Bands failing to move on stage, perform, and exit within the time allotted may be penalized 10 points by each competition judge.



  • Each band may perform 3-4 selections in various styles (ballad, swing, latin, funk/rock, etc.) keeping in mind not to exceed the on-stage time limit.

  • Three copies of scores from each selection are required for the judges.



  • Immediately following their performance, each band will proceed to the feedback room where they will receive a 25-minute clinic from a feedback clinician.

  • The feedback clinician’s comments are for educational purposes only and have no bearing on the judges scoring.



  • UT Arlington will furnish two risers on the main stage, PA, (3) solo mics, guitar amp, bass amp, drum set (no cymbals), and an acoustic piano or keyboard for the competition. Schools are welcome to bring their own rhythm equipment.

  • UT Arlington will also provide Manhasset stands, (3) electrical outlets for the rhythm

  • Warm up and clinic room will also have all rhythm equipment provided

  • UT Arlington will not furnish vibes, extra extension cords, additional mics, percussion, etc.



  • Each band will receive written critiques in which division ratings will appear.

  • Trophies and individual awards are given on the consensus of the judges.

  • Packets will be distributed only at the evening awards concert.



  • Trophies will be presented to the first and second place winners in each class. In the event more than 5 bands enter in one class, a third place trophy will be awarded.

  • Outstanding student musicians will be awarded certificates at the discretion of the judges.

  • Each day, judges will select one student from each instrument category (woodwind, brass, rhythm section) to receive an “Outstanding Musician” award. Judges will also select an “Outstanding Director” award.

  • Each day, the judges will select one band to win the “Outstanding Band Trophy.” The “Outstanding Band” will be ineligible to compete the following year, but will be invited back to perform on the Awards Concert.


Awards Concert

  • The UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra and the winning school(s) from the previous year, and guest artist(s) will appear in concert at 7:30 PM on each evening of the festival.

  • All participating students will be admitted to the evening awards concert free of charge.

  • For those not participating in the festival, general admission ticket price is $9 for adults and $6 for students/seniors. Adults may not use student participant tickets.


  • The UTA Jazz Festival does not provide food, however, there are many food vendors available on campus that are close to the festival area. (Panera, Pie Five, two cafeteria dining halls, University Center food court, Starbucks, etc.)

  • CLICK HERE for more information about on-campus dining options for your students

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